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Overwatch 2 Sojourn guide: abilities, strategies, counters, and more

The most exciting part of any Overwatch update, or in this case sequel, is the new heroes. Overwatch 2 launched with not one, but three brand new heroes across its three classes to expand the already impressive roster. The cast of Overwatch was already quite diverse in terms of design, but also how each hero functioned, with unique abilities, strengths, and roles in the competitive shooter. The new additions for Overwatch 2 include Sojourn, Kiriko, and Junker Queen.

Damage heroes are generally the most popular of the three main roles. They are the most offensive-focused and allow players to get into the action directly with high-powered weapons and abilities. Sojourn fits the bill in this regard, but like every class, has a set of abilities that make her shine differently than the others. If you want to master this Damage class hero, here’s a full guide on Sojourn for Overwatch 2.

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Sojourn overview

Sojourn Origin Story | Overwatch 2

The Canadian hero Sojourn comes packing a railgun with two firing modes. You can either shoot rapid-fire projectiles like a traditional rifle, or a beam that is charged up whenever you deal damage with the primary fire. When fully charged, this railgun shot is extremely potent, even able to take down other Damage class heroes in a single shot if they have 200 health. Of course, like most Damage class heroes, she is very skill dependent — you will need to be able to land shots and have good positioning to make the most of her tool kit.

To help keep Sojourn not only mobile but a more slippery target is her Power Slide, which you can use to dip in and out of fights, get to advantageous positions on the map, or just speed up your basic movement. Using this skill often, but also being able to still land your shots, is key to doing well with Sojourn.

Sojourn abilities

Power Slide: We touched on this skill a bit, but what it does is let Sojourn slide along the ground, similar to a slide in other FPS games like Apex Legends, but instead of slowing down, she gains speed thanks to her mechanical legs having thrusters. On top of that, if you jump before the slide ends you will get a super-jump of sorts.

Disruptor Shot: This special shot launches an energy projectile that will create a field wherever it lands that slows and deals a little damage over time to any enemies inside it, making it great for area denial. If an enemy is within the zone for the entire duration, it will deal about 200 damage.

Overclock: Sojourn’s ultimate is a little underwhelming when described, but is very potent in the right hands. When activated, Sojourn’s secondary railgun shot will automatically charge over time, regardless of whether or not you’re landing regular shots. Plus, when you do let off a railgun bolt, it will also be buffed to pierce enemies, meaning you can hit multiple targets if they’re fortunate enough to line up for you.

Best ways to play Sojourn

When picking Sojourn, you are going to be on the front lines of battle and relying heavily on your ability to land shots with your primary weapon. The Disruptor Shot is your only other real offensive option, though it has quite a long cooldown and isn’t likely to get any eliminations on its own. Instead, focus on laying down primary fire, sliding to stay mobile and avoid damage yourself, and building up your railgun charge.

Sojourn is most deadly at medium range. Here you can most effectively land your primary shots and then finish off weakened opponents with a precise railgun shot. While it isn’t useless to engage from longer ranges, know that Sojourn’s attacks are not hit-scan, meaning they have travel time and can be dodged. Stay in on the action, always be mobile, and remember that she has no way to heal herself. so coordinate with your Support heroes to stay healthy.

What characters counter Sojourn

Sojourn standing in front of a city skyline.

Another Damage class Sojourn really struggles with is Pharah. Due to Pharah’s ability to stay airborne and attack from longer ranges, it is very difficult to land your primary shots on her. If you have a railgun shot already charged, it can help, but this is usually one duel you will want to avoid.

You will also want to keep out of range of close-range heroes like Reaper, Tracer, and Reinhardt that can out-damage you in tight quarters. Keep at a medium distance, and use your slide to escape bad matchups, and Sojourn will work well on any team.

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