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2022 in Gaming


From Elden Ring to Immortality, 2022 offered a groundbreaking slate of games that have kept us busy the entire year. Follow along as we reflect on what made the year’s best titles so special.

Close-up of Wordle up on a smartphone.

Wordle’s wild year: New York Times breaks down the phenomenon’s big 2022

From a left-field acquisition to an accidental five-letter controversy, the New York Times gives us a behind-the-scenes look into Wordle's big year.
Three Hopes characters on a stylized purple background.

The forgotten games of 2022: 7 sleeper hits worth returning to

Living room with Microsoft Xbox Series X (L) and Sony PlayStation 5 home video game consoles alongside a television and soundbar.

4 video game news stories that shaped the industry’s future in 2022

2022 turned out to be a pivotal year for the gaming industry thanks to a blockbuster acquisition, unionization efforts, and more.
The Xbox Series X controller on a black background.

Even without a big exclusive, Xbox quietly dominated 2022

We may not have gotten Starfield this year, but Xbox was home to most of this year's boldest games.
The cursed golfer, hitting his shot surrounded by citizens of purgatory

2022 was excellent for sports games, depending where you looked

While sports franchises like Madden stagnated in 2022, the indie scene picked up the ball and ran in a delightfully weird direction.
Jimmy De Santa flips off his sister in Grand Theft Auto V art.

2022 was the rise (and fall) of the video game leaker

Video game leaks became more prevalent than ever in 2022, but that rise came with plenty of controversy.
Elden Ring knight sitting with maiden at a site of grace.

2022’s biggest games need to learn a valuable lesson from Elden Ring

Elden Ring proved that players don't always need their hand held, something that some of 2022's biggest games were too eager to do.
Demon Quest 85 appears on a Playdate screen.

What’s next for the Playdate in 2023? Panic lays out what’s in the works

The Playdate made a strong first impression in 2022. Panic lays out a road map for what's next for the quirky handheld in 2023.
Playstation 5 system and DualSense controller.

PS Plus’ 2022 revamp could use a revamp of its own in 2023

Six months after its relaunch, Sony's PS Plus service could use a few tweaks to make it a stronger subscription deal.
A woman plays Vampire Survivors on a Steam Deck.

Vampire Survivors changed the way I think about games in 2022

Vampire Survivors may not be everyone's game of the year choice, but it's arguably the closest thing 2022 had to a perfect game.
Garland towers over Jack, Ash, Jed, Sophia, and Neon in

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin writer breaks down 2022’s best ending

In an exclusive interview, Kazushige Nojima breaks down what makes Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin's ending so special.
Squid Kids holding weapons in Splatoon 3.

Nintendo Switch Year in Review: how to access your 2022 end-of-year stats

Nintendo Switch Year in Review: how to access your 2022 end-of-year stats

What Nintendo games did you play the most this year? Check out your Switch Year in Review to find out and share your stats with your friends.
2022 PlayStation Wrap-Up art.

PlayStation 2022 Wrap-Up: How to access your end-of-year stats

PlayStation 2022 Wrap-Up: How to access your end-of-year stats

It's the end of the year, and Sony has given players access to the 2022 PlayStation Wrap-Up, which shows players' stats for the year.
A video game character standing in front of text that says 2022 Most Innovative Games.

From The Last of Us to Immortality, these are 2022’s most innovative games

The gaming industry moved forward in 2022 thanks to these innovative titles that dared to rethink the rules of the medium.
Ellie from The Last of Us Part I stands in front of text that says 2022 Best Remakes & Remasters.

The best video game remakes and remasters of 2022

If you love replaying classic games, 2022 offered some high-quality rereleases. Here are the year's best remakes and remasters.
God of War Ragnarok's Christopher Judge hugs Al Pacino at The Game Awards.

The Game Awards delivered dazzling trailers, but winners played second-fiddle

This year’s Game Awards knocked it out of the park when it came to reveals. The actual awards were another story
A character from Lucky Luna stands in front of text that says 2022 Best Mobile Games.

The best mobile games of 2022: 6 must-download titles from a shockingly great year

2022 was the best years for non-intrusive, engaging mobile games in a long time. These are the best mobile games of 2022.
Art from Pentiment sits in front test that says The Best Video Narratives of 2022.

The best video game narratives of 2022: 7 stories we’re still thinking about

If you value strong storytelling in video games, 2022 offered up some fantastic narratives. Here are 7 of our favorites.
The Game Awards 2022 trophy art.

The Game Awards 2022: Here’s the complete list of winners

This is the full list of winners for The Game Awards 2022.
A Sea of Thieves skeleton sits in front of text that says 2022 Best Live Service Games.

The best live service games of 2022: 10 ongoing games we couldn’t stop playing

It's tough to sort through the vast catalog of ongoing games, but these 10 knocked it out of the park in 2022 with strong updates.
Bayonetta jumps in front of text that says The Best Nintendo Switch Exclusives of 2022.

The best Nintendo Switch exclusives of 2022: 9 standouts from the console’s banner year

The Nintendo Switch may be aging, but 2022 was the console's best year yet. Here are the Switch's best exclusives of 2022.
Aloy stands in front of text that says The Best 2022 PS5 Exclusives of 2022.

The best PS5 exclusives of 2022: standouts from the console’s strong second year

The PlayStation 5 delivered yet another great year of console exclusive games. These were our favorite PS5 exclusives of 2022.
Characters from Grounded stand in front of text that says 2022 Best Xbox Exclusives.

The best Xbox exclusives of 2022: 6 Game Pass greats that saved Microsoft’s quiet year

While 2022 was a quiet year for Xbox, it was full of creative and experimental titles. Here are the best Xbox exclusives of 2022.
An Elden Ring character stands on a cliff in front of text that says Game of the Year 2022.

Staff picks: Why Elden Ring is our 2022 game of the year

It's probably no surprise that Elden Ring won our game of the year award. But it almost didn't.
An OlliOlli World skateboarder stands in front of text that says 2022 Indie Hidden Gems.

The best indie hidden gems of 2022: 10 excellent games you can’t miss

Don't say goodbye to your 2022 backlog without checking out these 10 fantastic indie games.
Video game characters stand in front of text that says The 10 Best Video Games of 2022.

The 10 best video games of 2022

From an enormous fantasy epic to a $5 indie game that we couldn't put down, these are our favorite games of 2022.
Kratos sternly looks at Atreus in God of War: Ragnarok.

It’s time we learn to value all-ages games as much as ‘mature’ ones

This year's Game Awards nominees highlight a difference in how we see all-ages games versus mature ones.
Elden Ring character looking at the open-world of the game with a giant glowing tree in the background.

Grieving in Elden Ring: my quest for closure in The Lands Between

After the tragic death of a close friend, my time with Elden Ring became an impossible quest for closure.

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